What Is Deep Massage? Is It Related To Swedish Massage?

Deep tissue massage is the best way to get relief from musculoskeletal problems like sports injuries, strain, etc. High pressure is applied to the muscles using slow and deep strokes to target most inner layers of the muscles & all connective tissues. This can also break the scar tissues from a certain injury and diminishes muscle tension. 

Sports Massage Adelaide

Read ahead to discover what more can you get from deep tissue massage and how can it make you feel better with each session. 

Benefits of Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage benefits you not only physically but psychologically as well. This is not like any regular massage. Professionals focus on muscle pain, relaxation, and muscle loosing. It can also help you release stress and anxiety, and you can forget about all your worries.  

Deep tissue massage could address:

  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Sciatica 
  • Sports injuries
  • Tennis elbow
  • High blood pressure

Can we compare it to Swedish massage?

These two massages are different from each other. However, both massages use the same stroke technique, but they vary in the amount of pressure & uses. 

Have a look at the short difference between these two:


Swedish massage is gentle as compared to deep tissue massage. Palm & fingers are used in both massages to manipulate the tissues by kneading them. Forearms and elbows are also used to increase the pressure in deep tissue massage. 


Chronic pains are treated with deep tissue massage. Sports massage Adelaide is also a part of it. The major motive of Swedish massage is to make the person feel relaxed and less muscle tension because of daily activities such as working on the computer for hours or having a bad posture. 

Focused Areas:

The deep tissue massage focuses on the inner muscle layer. Muscle tension and stiffness is treated with it. In Swedish massage, only the superficial layers of the muscle and the areas where tension happen more are targeted. These areas could be neck, back, and shoulders.       

How to find the best therapist?

If you want to give deep tissue massage a try, it’s crucial to hire a qualified therapist. 

Ask For the following:

  • Are you certified?
  • How much experience do you have?
  • Do you know all the techniques of deep tissue massage?
  • Will I get any side-effects of the massage?
  • How much fee do you charge?
  • Are you licensed to perform the massage?
  • Will it impact my current conditions such as migraine, diabetes, etc.?
  • How much does each session take?

You can ask your family doctor, friends, or family to suggest you an experienced and renowned deep tissue therapist. They will take the best care of your issues and provide you with the best massage.     

So now that you know everything about the deep tissue massage, it’s time to contact the experts and schedule your session with them. 

This way, you will be able to perform well in daily activities and feel healthier as well.   

Hire the best therapist right now! 


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